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Odem is the cosmetics line enhanced by extracts produced from red micro-algae using a proprietary process developed by Citra.

Odem Cosmeceutical skin and hair care products are specially formulated using extracts of Red Micro-algae from the Red Sea, obtained using Citra’s proprietary extraction method. These extracts  include Polysaccharides, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Amino Acids. They are the “super foods” of nature, providing nourishment and long-term nutritional, health and beauty benefits to the human body – and especially for use in skin and hair care:

  • Defying age-related symptoms, including wrinkles, spots and sagging skin
  • Preserving and restoring moisture
  • Neutralizing free-radicals
  • Improving skin texture, vibrancy and elasticity
  • Reducing redness and irritations
3 bottles compotision

Day Cream Gel A therapeutic cream gel with a delicate texture, suitable for ages 20-35, to maintain moisture, help regenerate skin cells and slow down the aging process.

Age-Defying, Calming Cream Gel
A therapeutic cream gel, suitable for ages 30 and up, that maintains skin’s moisture and elasticity, while reducing signs of aging, redness and other symptoms of irritation.

Calming Hydration Cream
A soothing moisturizer developed to calm, moisturize and reduce symptoms of red, irritated or very dry facial skin, while adding protection from environmental damage.

Face & Body Calming Gel
A calming moisturizing gel for the face and body that soothes irritated areas after sun or wind exposure, bites, couperose, etc.

HA-P Anti-aging Gel Mask
A gel mask for weekly use, suitable for all ages and skin types, that reduces signs of aging and calms and rejuvenates irritated skin, leaving a smooth, radiant complexion.

Anti-aging Eye Cream
A gentle eye cream, formulated to smooth the appearance of puffiness, under-eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes, reducing signs of aging; suitable for all ages and skin types.

Scalp Soothing & Hair Revitalizing Cream
A soothing cream that helps calm symptoms of a very dry scalp, including itching, redness and irritation, while nourishing dry, dyed and weak hair.

Facial and body care products
Scalp and hair care products